E-commerce Weekly News - Friday 02 September 2011

The growth of mcommerce and , as email turns 30, how newsletters are still relevant

M-commerce continues to raise in the UK

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The most interesting developments in ecommerce continue to be the rise of m-commerce (mobile commerce).

This week the large electronics retailer Best Buy, continue their push in the UK with the launch of their new mobile site.

Their mobile site is a great example of a retailer taking the time to design a highly functional site for mobile users, and Best Buy are predicting  '10% of its online orders will come from mobile devices within the next two years', which we think could be a highly conservative prediction given trends we highlighted last week

Whilst it’s great to see large retailers pushing forward with mobile sites, reports still show that tablet users are more likely to be shopping online than mobile users. Whilst these figures are not surprising at all, with there being a lot more smart phone users than tablet owners, there is a largely untapped market that could be being catered for by dedicated mobile sites.

In fact a report shows that retailers are missing out by not having a mobile strategy , with over 10 million people in the UK using their mobiles to make transactions last year, there’s clearly a growing market that cannot be ignored

And lastly, to counteract our praise of supermarkets and their use of technology such as QR codes comes the news that Sainsbury seem to have gotten the wrong end of the stick when they heard people where shopping on their iPads and have installed iPad docks in their trolleys .

Email is 30 years old

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With the rise of social media and other new technologies, we sometimes forget that older technology can sometimes be the best way of communicating with your customers. This week saw the news that it is now 30 years since the invention of Email as we know it today.

A great article this week highlights the importance of follow up emails to customers  or if you’re a small business the best practices for using email newsletter to engage with your customers.

It shows that whilst you have to be careful how you deal with your email marketing, that done well, it can still be a very effective tool for communication.

But even though it is old technology, there are still innovators in how we use this. TinyLetter is a great tool re-launched this week under the MailChimp brand, that we at Internet Logistics have been trailing. It offers a simple, quick and free way to handle newsletter sign up and creation, and could be just the tool you need to dip you toe in newsletter waters.

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