E-commerce Weekly News - Friday 23 September 2011

Success for mobile e-commerce. Google Wallet, the battle for control of your wallet contines

Retailers Find Success with Mobile Strategy

Debenhams Mobile Site

Debenhams continued the trend we are seeing for retailers developing mobile strategies, by launching their new mobile optimized e-commerce site this week. Debenhams say the new site complements their existing apps for mobile devices such as iOS and Android, but at Internet Logistics we see this more as a step forward away from the dedicated apps model.

Debenhams obviously see the great value in mobile customers, and the news that they are going to exceed profit forecasts certainly seems to show that having a mobile strategy is a path to success for your business.

Indeed it is has worked out well for New Look, who launched a mobile e-commerce site in April. They report that the new site has driven mobile sales by 500%.

Mobile Payments and the Battle for Control of your Wallet

Google Wallet

The big news this week was the launch of the Google Wallet service in the US. This provides a way of paying for goods in store, just by waving your phone near the payment point.

Google hope that you'll sign up for Google Wallet, and therefore have one unified payment provider for your shopping, whether it is online or in store.

But whilst Google Wallet caused the headlines this week, there are several alternatives, and they are all competing to replace your wallet. With payment card providers such as Visa and the mighty PayPal involved in the fight, there’s no clear winner.

From an e-commerce provider’s point of view, we need to ensure that we can provide as many alternative options to our customers, and make it easy for them to checkout, whether on a mobile device or their home computer. With our preferred payment provider Secure Trading currently undertaking a mobile payments survey,  we will be sure to offer the best integration into any new payment methods as they arrive.

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